Hot Micro Bikinis

If you want to get noticed at the beach amidst all the bikini-clad bodies, then you might want to consider wearing hot micro bikinis during your summer trips.  These are smaller than the standard two-piece swimsuits, which means that you are going to be revealing more skin and are more likely to get attention from guys if you go to the beach looking all hot and sexy in a skimpy outfit.  Never worn a micro swimsuit before?  Below are some tips to help you choose the right one and how to pull it off really well.

Pick the type that best suits your frame

There are different cuts and styles of micro swimwear to choose from.  To make the right choice, you have to consider your body frame and decide what kind of two-piece swimsuit will best flatter your body.  Those with bandeau tops are best for women with small breasts, while triangle and bra tops will be good for you if you have a fuller bosom.  As for bottoms, you have to pick between string ones, thongs, or smaller-triangle fabric pieces.  Strings and thong bottoms flatter only certain body types, and it is best to wear these only if you have a well-toned behind.

Choose from different fabrics and designs

The fabric of your beach apparel can add mbuch to its appeal.  There is a wide variety of fabrics for you to choose from, such as cotton, lycra, denim, mesh, and even leather.  You have to decide which are comfortable for you to wear.  Remember that if you are not comfortable with what you wear, then you will not look as good. Aside from the fabric, take note of the designs. There are plain bathing suits, floral ones, checkered, polka-dotted, ruffled, and striped.  It would be good for you to try these on and see how they look on you before you consider buying.

Preparations for wearing a tiny bikini

Before you go out wearing your micro summer outfits, you have to make sure that you are fit enough to do so.  Aside from that, it is practically a must for you to wax your bikini area so there would be no unsightly hairs peeking out of your beachwear bottoms.  It would also be an advantage if you already have a tan before you hit the beach wearing a skimpy two-piece.  Your tan would make you look slimmer, more fit, and can minimize the appearance of cellulite and leg veins.